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FinOak Engineered Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is a timeless addition to any room and will become an asset underfoot in your home.

Inovar Floor supplies and installs FinOak solid Oak wood flooring. FinOak is available in an affordable unfinished engineered Oak hardwood flooring planks and can be oiled and coloured with Jax Oleum, Monocoat or to match other supplier finishes like for like.

Superior Flooring

Nothing can compare to the indulgent feeling of Solid Wood Floors underneath your bare feet. A quality set of Solid Wooden Flooring will last you years to come.

Another big advantage of Solid Engineered Wood Flooring is that it can be easily replaced if it is damaged. You would not need to replace your entire floor, instead, simply replace the damaged plank with a new one. This greatly reduces repair costs and effort.

Flooring Maintenance

Soak up accidental spills and do not let stagnant pools of fluid stay for too long. Clean the floors with a damp micro cloth/mop and do not use excessive amounts of water. Avoid dragging furniture across the floor.always fit felt pads under your furniture. Use a vacuum cleaner with the brush action and not the beater bar, to pull out the dust between the joints. Trim your indoor pets’ nails. Detergents that contain ammonia may damage or stain the wood. Avoid brooms with hard bristles.

Inovar Floor is a member of the South African Wood and Laminate Flooring Association which is the independent governing body that inspects the wood and laminate flooring industry.

They offer 25 years of Limited Residential warranty on these superior floors.

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