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Flooring Dec 10, 2023


Is there anything more elegant, durable and functional than wood flooring? We think not. With so many great benefits, Castrowood offers beautiful wood floors to create your dream space.

Let’s talk about some of the key advantages…

Wood flooring offers a lot of variety, from rustic wide planking to sleek and contemporary finishes, different grains and species and custom projects. You also have the added advantage of being able to install underfloor heating, which is becoming a popular choice in home heating.

Helping the planet
Milled wood flooring is a long-lasting, durable product that helps sequester carbon, keeping it stored in the flooring instead of being released into the atmosphere, especially when the flooring is made from reclaimed wood.

An instant return on your investment
Solid wood flooring instantly increases the value of your home and helps sell it much faster. Homebuyers are not only attracted to the look and feel of wood flooring when they view a home, but they also know it is an investment worth preserving rather than replacing.

It takes a lot to ruin a wood floor, and even one that has been poorly maintained can be restored to its former glory. Unlike other flooring, wood floors become more appealing with age and add character to a home. Most flooring has a lifespan of five to 10 years, whereas wood floors can last for decades with very little upkeep.

A healthy choice
From a maintenance standpoint, wood floors are easy to clean and to keep clean, unlike carpets that can harbour all forms of dust mites, fleas and parasites. Wood floors make things a lot easier on both allergy sufferers and pet owners. They also offer that extra little bonus to the health of our planet.


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