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Flooring Aug 6, 2020

Castro Wood Flooring: 5 Reasons To Choose Solid Wood Floors

Wood is a timeless natural resource that adds value to any interior. As a flooring solution, it offers a durable, elegant finish to complement a host of styles and design schemes. We chatted to the Managing Director of Castro Wood Floors, Claudio De Araujo, about what sets their brand of flooring apart from the rest.

Claudio De Araujo

Claudio De Araujo

Here we share five reasons to choose wood floors:

1. The ideal seasonal flooring

Wooden floors are versatile and a perfect choice in almost any room, no matter the season or weather. In fact, in winter, wood adds warmth and depth to a colder space and in summer, wood flooring is cool and can help to make a room feel more comfortable and moderated.

Landmark Pinnacle with woodflooring by Castro Wood Floors. At 75 floors, Landmark Pinnacle is one of london’s tallest residential towers. standing four-square at the head of south dock on the edge of canary wharf, these homes have a unique vantage point.

2. Sustainability is key

As a natural resource, wood is a sustainable, renewable product. It grows naturally, and modern forestry standards ensure that it is harvested accordingly and in a sustainable way. We need to do everything in our power to ensure that wood is responsibly sourced and used within the industry. Castro Wood Floors are FSC certified meaning that they look after the forestry and for every tree cut down, they plant a new one.

3. Wood flooring offers variety

Modern wood flooring presents a world of options to suit the consumer. No longer limited to particular sizes and variations of wood, certified suppliers can offer a host of possibilities to complement a variety of spaces. At Castro Wood Flooring you will find options on widths ranging from 120mm-250mm and thickness from 11,5mm-21mm, with various veneer thicknesses from 2,5mm-6mm. This gives you the right to select the perfect option to suit your needs.

Great design release of the Pan-Asian cafe Lao Bao in Russia. Meet the new pan-Asian design release Lao Bao from the Russian interior design studio ALLARTSDESIGN. Restrained Asia, revealed in bright sauces, and complemented by original dishes in the center of Perm (Russia, the Urals). Photography by Artemy Saranin Source: myhouseidea.com

4. Colour and tone…

Is there anything more beautiful than the warmth of rich wooden tones? With 81 different colours to choose from, and 10 local ranges, Castro Wood Flooring ensures that there is a colour or tone to complement any look. Choose your ideal finish – whether an oil or varnish finish, or brushed option and create a distinct, personalised space with this versatile flooring solution.

South Villa is a five-story penthouse in the award-winning Clifton Terraces apartments on Victoria Road, Cape Town. Source: myhouseidea.com

5. Costs

Wood flooring is a smart investment not only because solid wood looks and feels luxurious and sleek, but also because it is easy to maintain and will last for many years to come. Relying on only the best in international standards, Castro Wood Flooring is a worthy investment and accessible at a great price, especially as a European product. The company resorts to the most recent technologies and to the use of raw material of the highest quality.

Located in a small beachfront community in South Africa, Project La Belle Vue was a complete architectural renovation and extension by Bomax Architects and an OKHA Interior Architecture and Design Project. Source: myhouseidea.com

For more visit Castro Wood Floors.

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