Statement Rugs For A Balanced Designer Look

A statement rug can instantly add style to your living space and there is nothing quite as luxurious as a plush pile underfoot to evoke a sense of comfort in your home. Here we share some of our favourite modern statement rugs to suit your contemporary style.

Shop the look with a beautiful rug in a design that complements your interior. From gorgeous geometric designs to artistic creations and splashes of colour, a statement rug is like a work of art for your floors. You may spend lots of time planning the perfect layout of your furniture and art on the walls, but a perfectly placed statement rug should not be overlooked. In fact, the right rug can totally pull a room together and give it that ‘finished off’ designer look you’ve been after.

Stunning Interior by Generation Store. Flooring from Mae Carpets

Geometric prints are hot this season with so many colourful designs available on the market to suit your personality and pocket. Size is equally important. Too small, and a rug may seem lost in a big open plan area. Too large and you might as well invest in wall-to-wall carpets. Choose the right size that offers balance to the space. In a living room, you want your furniture to safely nestle on the edges of the rug to help ground the room.
Take a look at some of these amazing local offerings and invest in your own statement rug to totally enhance your design style.

1. Husky Blue Anchor 

2. Mobelli – modern triangular design blue red cream

3.SHF Yarrow dark slate

4. Brabetz

5. Brabetz

6. Ravats

7. Husky Euronomic

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