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Flooring Mar 22, 2021

ITE Product what Lies beneath

Customers are unlikely to give a second thought to what lies beneath their beautiful new, LVT, vinyl, parquet or carpeting. As long as their choice of flooring performs and looks the part, they’ll be happy. As a professional flooring installer, it’s your responsibility to look a little deeper to ensure ultimate success.

The condition of the subfloor will have a material impact on whatever is laid above it. The condition of the screed can determine the success or failure of a flooring project and as with all construction undertakings, redoing work can be immensely costly in terms of time, resources and reputation.

That’s why subfloor preparation, including moisture barriers and underlayments are so important. Get them right, and you’ll be well on the way to ultimate project success. It’s a process that begins with determining the condition of the subfloor. In the case of a concrete slab (whether pre-existing or newly laid) the key parameter is moisture content, with a 3% moisture content being the standard threshold for employing a moisture and vapour barrier such as VAPORiTe PLUS.

At less than 3% mc, such a product is probably unnecessary. Once the spectre of rising moisture has been addressed, the iTe Products system provides for a logical, step-by-step approach using a series of products that will ensure a smooth, flat screed. This is of course the prerequisite for applying a cementitious decorative screed such as iTe CEMOX, a vinyl floor covering, or the appropriate adhesive for any specified covering.

From screed patching to priming and levelling, you’ll always find an ideally suited iTe Product. Your customer may never know what lies beneath, but you will – and you can take satisfaction in a job well done and a range of products that carry the iTe warranty.



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