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Flooring Mar 26, 2024

Choose Durable Flooring from Wanabiwood

Searching for flooring that can withstand the hustle and bustle of public spaces? Look no further! Whether it’s education, retail, healthcare, or hospitality, durability is key! Quality flooring solutions from Wanabiwood are built to last, offering unmatched resilience against heavy foot traffic, spills, and constant wear and tear. 

Say goodbye to frequent replacements and hello to long-lasting quality!


Heterogeneous vinyl floors are ideal for engaging retail spaces with a seamless surface that’s resilient to dirt and wear and simple to keep looking good. Heterogeneous vinyl is a performance flooring solution for today’s retail spaces. Suitable for small and mid-size stores, it is available in a wide range of designs. Across natural, decorative and architectural looks; it can be used to create a floor that embraces the merchandising and experience of today’s retail environments.


Health Care

Easy to clean, heterogeneous vinyl floors are perfect for healthcare. With a need for finishes that are easy to clean, the seamless nature of heterogeneous vinyl floors is well-suited to healthcare projects. With a hardwearing and a low-maintenance finish that remains cleanable throughout use, they provide a hygienic solution that represents excellent value in daycare centres, treatment rooms, dental centres, doctors and other sensitive healthcare locations.



Durable heterogeneous vinyl floors support learning. Education environments need a flooring solution that delivers excellent value. Durable, easy to maintain and with a wide range of natural, architectural and decorative designs; heterogeneous vinyl floors for education are exactly that. The solutions include options to reduce noise, provide extra hygiene and add safety; supporting the wellbeing of students in function and the design of inspiring learning environments.



Heterogeneous vinyl floors brighten leisure time! We all enjoy leisure time and want to spend it on top of great-looking floors that enhance our experience. The durable and easy-clean qualities of heterogeneous vinyl floors make this a round-the-clock possibility. Across leisure facilities and in bars and restaurants, it provides the performance needed with the design flexibility to bring any space to life.



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