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Oct 25, 2019

Rugs & Such: The Colours of Halloween

Halloween is a few days away and if you’re feeling playful, we have a few simple yet effective Halloween interior ideas to help you set the mood.

Set the tone in orange and black. These are arguably the colours that epitomize the perfect Halloween experience. With roots in harvest festivals, the orange tones of harvest vegetables and turned leaves have made orange a must-have colour for Halloween. Black, on the other hand, hints at the dark of night and often links to those spooky elements and the tradition of trick-or-treating.

This colour palette is more than just a Halloween fad, however. The colour combination could add to a beautiful interior atmosphere. Take a look at this selection of rugs from Rugs & Such as see for yourself…

Burnt orange tones offer a depth and warmth to any space. As a flooring option, it could tie into your overall design scheme and add a pop of colour. Black options, on the other hand are versatile and stylish. Black also seems to hide dirt quite well, so a darker rug option may appear cleaner for longer and easier to maintain.

If you’re planning a Halloween party this year, be sure to invest in orange and black decor items to suit the theme. Think modern accessories and candle-light to create a haunted ambience.

It’s our favourite spooky holiday of the year. If you’re a big fan of Halloween, then be sure to dress your home accordingly and enjoy a day of haunted fun!

Find the above selection of rugs, and more, at Rugs & Such.

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