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Jul 18, 2018

Over Tile Flooring

Installing new tenants or just upgrading, refurbishment work comes with a unique set of challenges.  These include not upsetting other tenants in the process and getting areas back into service as soon as possible.

A great number of existing buildings in the office, retail and hospitality sectors have existing tiled floors.  The prospect of changing these conjures up images of noise, dust, rubble removal and a great deal of inconvenience and time.

Traviata Flooring now offers a number of latest technology “Rigid Core” Luxury Vinyl and laminate flooring options which make upgrading of tiled floors quick and easy. Not only are these new floor boards incredibly stable but they are lighter and stiffer which allows then to be used over almost any firm surface, including tiles and raised and boarded floors.

The rigidity of boards such as in the IsoCore ranges means there is no need for chopping out of old tiles or screeding – they can simply be laid straight over the existing floor.  The process is extremely quick thanks to the latest top lock joint systems.  More importantly there is absolutely no mess, no noise, no glue smell and no disruption to any neighbouring tenants.  Spaces such as hotel rooms and retail stores can quite literally be upgraded and put back into service the next day.  This is particularly important in the hospitality sector.

The flip side of this is that these floors can be just as easily removed (and possibly re-used).  For office accommodation this means spaces can be returned to “white box” condition quickly and easily ready for the new tenant specifications.

Luxury vinyl and certain Laminates such as the Tru-Wood range are also either totally waterproof or highly water resistant.  This means they can also be used in kitchens, bathrooms and other wet areas which often form part of the rentable space.

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