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Rudi’s Choice: Fall In Love With The Latest Colours

Rudi’s Choice is inspired by its iconic CEO, Rudi Eggers, who treks around the globe to inspect and buy granite and marble blocks at their source. This hands-on approach ensures that Rudi’s Choice buyers get the best value for money and the best quality possible.

Rudi’s expertly selected range of exotic and local materials ensures that you’ll have access to a wide selection of natural stone with graining, colour and movement options that will inspire your design. When planning out your home reno project this year, these natural stone slabs of marble, granite, and onyx will definitely feature on your moodboard!

With that being said, here’s the selection of gorgeous new colours that have been added to the Rudi’s Choice collection…


Joining the marble collection, these colours are ready to make a statement in your upcoming design project…

Iceberg Leather Bold

Texture, texture, texture… With veins that look like cracks and its naturally aesthetic movement, Iceberg Leather is guaranteed to make your designs come to life. Although all stone is naturally ‘aged’, this particular marble captures a gorgeous antique look and feel that can work in a modern application or a more traditional setting.

Verde Fantastico Bold

Make a statement with Verde Fantastico Bold. Reminiscent of sweeping aerial vistas of lush rivers and deep green forests, this natural stone embodies the powerful Eden’s of Earth. Use this elegant dark green stone with streaks of mint, lime, and white to breathe life into any room. Verde Fantastico Bold is a great choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and flooring.

Oro Marron

The luxury Oro Marron marble’s ethereal quality makes it one to talk about. The background, made up of angelic peach and white, is intermittently broken up by darker fissures to create contrast and drama. This marble will bring an authentic organic movement and feeling into your home.

Silver Fantasy Breccia

Silver Fantasy Breccia makes a striking statement with its richly patterned surface created by rocky formations in shades of grey. Variegated stripes fade into one another, resulting in a visual masterpiece created by nature. Incorporate this showstopper into your space with kitchen countertops or other key design features.


Lilac marble offers a dramatic look for projects that seek to make a bold statement. High contrast grey veining on a creamy white background interspersed with orange streaks for a natural look are interrupted with striking deep purple-grey veins that draw the eye. This showy stone will take centre stage in any room, inside or out.


Give your home a sense of grandeur with Opera marble. This stone features distinctive patterning to bring a touch of drama to your decor. Its earth-toned hues of browns and greys come through in a clash of smooth striations and bolder dark veins. Book match this beautiful stone to create a stunning statement or use it to complement a neutral design palette.

Avocatus Leather

Bold, dark, and dramatic, Avocatus Leather is not for playing it safe. Create a stand-out design with this unique marble featuring vivid splashes of avocado green, dark grey, and pops of bright white with a leather-like look and texture. Use this dramatic stone to complement and elevate moody interiors.

Deep River

Deep River marble encapsulates the powerful earth below with lively patterning reminiscent of alive rivers of molten lava running through raw earth. An eruption of ruddy brown quartz streams contrasts against a cool grey background to create a striking display of nature’s work. This stone is especially good for countertops, building stone, ornamental stone, interior, exterior wall applications, and other design projects.


Joining the onyx collection, these colours will take your design aesthetic to the next level…

Onice Colorado

Onice Colorado brings warmth and texture to your project with its rich caramel brown hue blended with layers of white, cream, and touches of ruddy brown. With patterning reminiscent of rocky formations and aerial views of mountainous terrain, the dramatic natural patterning and colour bursts of Onice Colorado onyx bring a sense of subtle drama to any space.

Onice Pure White

Anchor a room with Onice Pure White. This striking stone shows its best side when illuminated in a backlit design. The milky opalescent background is broken up by orange-tinged and darker brown multidirectional veining that gives it a deliciously almost edible quality.



Last but not least, these mighty granite giants will bring a bold, daring, and timeless look to your projects this year…


Named after the Patagonia region of South America, renowned for its lush landscapes, vast forests, natural reserves, and glaciers, this breathtaking granite embodies the rocky mountainous vistas of its namesake. A white base is warmed by orange tones, rich black accents, and grey formations.

See something you like? We know you did! For more contact Rudi’s Choice.  

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