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Flooring Mar 5, 2024

WOMAG: From Bland Walls To Wow Features

When it comes to the design of your interior walls, it’s time to think outside of the box. Tiles are a wonderfully versatile option, but you can give your space even more dimension if you consider a unique layout. We think you can create a personalised look that you’ll love. Check out these four trendy options with tiles from WOMAG.



The herringbone pattern features V-shaped rows of tiles set at 45° angles, creating an interesting visual element to a room. From plain colours – to create a classic and opulent feel; or a mix of colours to showcase a bold, modern design. With an experienced professional to guide you, the possibilities are endless.


When cleverly laid, the herringbone pattern can create the illusion of a larger space or draw the eye to the focal point of a room. A perfect example of this would be cleverly pairing different tile colours to create an intriguing and imaginative feature wall.

The WOMAG Napoli range of décor tiles (available in subtle colours such as beige and white, as well as bold and beautiful colours like pink, green, blue, yellow, and charcoal) is perfect for creating a dazzling – or chic – setting.



The straight-set pattern, also known as the stacked pattern, is a modern twist on the classic choice offset or brick pattern for tile arrangements. While the straight set pattern features tiles laid directly on top of one another, the offset pattern is achieved by laying each tile at the centre of the tile below.


These two patterns take the win for the most used tile patterns, so here’s what you need to know. Aside from its modern charm, the straight set pattern is a more cost-effective choice, with minimal wastage. The offset pattern offers a more traditional feel. Both offset and straight set showcase precise lines, providing a sense of continuity.

Looking to add a bit of pop to your design? Consider using grout in a contrasting colour or scattering a different coloured tile in the layout.

Whether you want a modern straight-set or a traditional feel of the offset, our range of Subway and Metro decor tiles are excellent options to achieve an aesthetically pleasing feature.



The basketweave pattern (most commonly used for parquet flooring, but by no means is limited to floors) is a contemporary twist on a classic design feature. This pattern involves grouping two to four rectangular tiles and alternating them in both vertical and horizontal alignment.


Achieve a timeless and stylish wall cladding feature with our range of polished Kit Kat tiles (conveniently already grouped in four “fingers”) in a selection of soft and elegant tones.

Incorporating tile patterns into your interior design not only adds visual interest but is an expression and extension of your unique style and personality.

And remember, choosing to work with an established and experienced team who are truly invested in your unique journey, is the best decision you will make.

Visit a WOMAG Showroom and embark on an adventure of transforming fear of wrong choices into a fabulous outcome for your new home!

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