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Flooring Feb 24, 2023

Wolkberg casting studio

Wolkberg casting studio was established in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2015.

DESIGNED BY @weylandtstudio see interior here

Wolkberg casting studio was established in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2015. Born out of passion for design and innovation a few like minded individuals set out to create beautiful concrete products.

Over the years there have been 5 partners each bringing their own magic to this melting pot of passion for business, innovation, marketing and industrial design. 2023 sees Ramielle De Jager and Graeme Bramley left as founding members and owners of Wolkberg.


DESIGNED BY @weylandtstudio 

Today, the company has an established Limesite production plant and has pioneered new manufacturing methods with this novel high-performance concrete product. Its product range includes slabs, floor tiles, wall tiles and small castings – all made by hand from Limesite, their unique concrete.

An alternative to conventional stoneware, Limesite is not only extremely durable but is also a more sustainable product made using ethical manufacturing processes.

“The way forward for us is to be brave and up lift as many other designers as we possibly can alongside us” says Ramielle

Our focus is on getting green standards for our products, taking our offerings to the larger global marketplace & diversifying our product portfolio.

Our mission is to innovate and lead. We can do this through our highly skilled and diverse team of designers, new product development and innovative management principles.




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