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Flooring Jun 22, 2024

Winter Colour Trends with Mosaico Vero

As the crisp air creeps up on us, the beautiful hues of nature fill our surroundings: branches adorned with beautiful red, burnt orange, and golden yellow, leaves scattered with their warm, earthy tones. You might wonder, “How can you bring those beautiful natural colours into your home?”


The best way to bring these tones into your design is with the Rebels 50x150x8.5mm gloss range from Mosaico Vero. It has a variety of colours that fit the winter/autumn pallet: Terracotta, Mustard, Moss, and Warm Grey. The Rebels is a porcelain range with rich colours and a glossy finish. Incorporating these rich-toned tiles into your home through a feature wall is a delightful way to capture the essence of Autumn elegantly. The tiles can be used in many patterns with a bold geometric design using the range’s various colours.

The Rebels range is suitable for walls, floors, and swimming pools. Rebels Sage 50x150x8.5mm gloss tile is perfect for a swimming pool, offering a toned-down and natural look- something out of the ordinary!

If you want more subtle, soft hints in your home, the Aquarelle  75x300x10mm gloss range is the perfect fit. The Aquarelle O range has softer, earthy tones such as Vapor, Greige, Mint Grey, Olive, and Toffee. These tiles have an inner bevel and rounded edges for an exciting and unique look. The Aquarelle O range has a subtle watercolour look to it. The earthy tones are versatile and timeless, complementing a wide range of design styles and colour palettes while bringing warmth and sophistication to your home.


Whether used as accents or primary elements, earth tones can easily adapt to various aesthetic preferences and interior schemes. Additionally, earthy tile tones are calming and soothing.

Incorporating soft, earthy tones into your space is a great way to add warmth and nature. These tiles offer a versatile and enduring solution for creating an inviting and stylish interior, stretching the season’s beauty year-round with the Rebels and Aquarelle O range.


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