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Flooring Jan 24, 2024

What’s New at Wanabiwood Flooring

 Wanabiwood Flooring has dedicated over 13 years to sourcing vinyl flooring solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Flooring products should be three things: eye-catching, durable, and quality at an affordable price. Combine that with a unique flooring design and you have Wanabiwood Flooring. The brand only specialize in Vinyl Flooring making them one of the market leaders in the industry.

What’s New 

Towards the end of 2023, Wanabiwood Flooring was approached by a company called IVC. This company currently supplies the popular Wanabifunky Cushion vinyl and is owned by one of the largest flooring manufacturers in the world. After doing research once again, the team decided on 3 products exclusively for South Africa. Heterogenous products, I perform 70, I Safe 70 and Optimise 70 will be added as a specification-based product going forward with a maximum 10-week lead time, subject to port delays.

 These additions present Wanabiwood as a one-stop shop now for healthcare, education and many other commercial flooring projects. IVC produces quality products at competitive prices and has the backing of a technical team that is unsurpassable.


Wanaflex is a new Directional Sheeting product, manufactured by one of the largest factories in Asia and made to the same exacting standards as the Exceed 200 that was launched last year and continues to see growth in market share.

Wanaflex is a directional homogeneous product, 2mm thick with a PUR coating, reducing the need for immediate strip and seal. 

The first container arrives in February with 6 of the most popular colours, based on knowledge of this market. Priced to compete, this quality product offers the best quality at a price point that cannot be matched in the industry currently.

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