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Flooring May 23, 2022

Union Tiles: Change is Here

Union Tiles has all that the latest trending landscapes in tiles have to offer. Trendy, fashionable, shaking off the feeling of having gone through an apocalyptic era – where products were becoming somewhat boring. So, here it is! Change!


Greco Argent

The new ranges available from Union Tiles are simply fabulous. The market trends are varying from very soft classic Bianca Carrara’s to a much bolder look, where the mysterious blue hues of a midnight sky form that perfect feature wall that takes you on a magical journey.

Feature walls are not just being used in bathrooms. They are also there to add wow factors to entrance halls, entertainment areas, and kitchens.


The other colour that has really come out this year is shades of green. The deepest of emeralds with cascading shades going from slightly lighter tipped edges into the deeper shades in the middle or vice versa.



Colours, shapes and sizes

To add to many of these bold and exciting shades are the slightly waved edges, the diamond shapes and the fan shapes which, depending on how you tile them, take on a different ‘look’ adding various dimensions to the area being tiled.

Many of the ‘designers’’ who have seen the range of ‘fan’ tiles have commented on how the soft change in the colour hues has morphed the colours right out of the ‘boring look,’ into the stylish elegant new appeal which melts in with almost all tones and shades.

Union Tiles has started their big bash birthday year (100 years old) by turning almost everything new, by balancing trends delicately between the fresh light, bright polished shades to the sultry Smokey, romantic or achieving the height in sophisticated elegance.

sodalite.blu Large format Florim Porcelain Slabs

Designers, architects and developers are all looking at the Metro tiles and styles, but it is the range of colours that Union offers that capture your imagination. The quality of these products at affordable prices is what sets Union Tiles aside. Their large porcelain tiles just must be seen to appreciate.

The magnitude of the porcelain slabs which are from 3.2m x 1.6m leave you just quietly staring as you take in the detail, combined with the quality and beauty of the product. You must experience it for yourself. The full body range of tiles for ‘HEAVY DUTY’APPLICATION is phenomenal.



A proud supplier

Union Tiles has proudly been the supplier of a number of prestigious projects, such as Ballito Odyssey, Willow Bridge Mall Tyger Valley, Cape Town, the V & A Waterfront (along with some of its stores) and most recently The Durban Point Branch Court wherein Union Tiles supplied the floor, skirtings, wall tiles, internally and externally, as well as the granite for the staircase, ranging from Natural Stone to Porcelain. They also arranged the sandblasting.

We don’t have enough adjectives to describe the new ranges as there are so many of them. Do yourself a favour, pop in and see the range for yourself.


Sailing Drop Light Grey

For more visit Union Tiles.

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  1. Shaukat Tayub

    May 24, 2022

    Hi we looking for tiles the following areas

    Garage heavy duty to park vehicles.
    Outdoor scullery and washing areas. Very slippery have to be heavy duty and nonslip.

    Kindly advise what solutions can you offer.

    Colours preferences greys and charcoal or similar.

    Prefer big tiles.


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