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Flooring Apr 6, 2021

Trend Alert: Douglas Jones – Textured Tiles In The Bathroom

Traditionally the bathroom is not always the warmest or most inviting space in the home. On the contrary, it is often overlooked and may even feel cold and sterile. Luckily, the latest trends are here to change things up. Beautiful, textured tiles offer warmth and cosiness to spice things up even in the smallest guest loo. 

Texture is important

In interior design, texture has a way of adding depth to a room. It is the ‘unspoken’ ingredient that can tie an entire room together in true style. However, in the bathroom, this is usually a little difficult to achieve. Traditional materials such as porcelain, stone or metal lean towards a more streamlined look in a typical bathroom environment.

This is why we are so excited about the possibilities of textured tiles. As a backsplash or feature wall in the bathroom. textured tiles add interest and can create a beautiful focal point in an otherwise dull setting.

A feast for the eyes

In many ways, textured tiles have the ability to play with light in the bathroom, causing a wonderful play on reflective surfaces that can brighten up the room. It certainly is a feast for the eyes as you begin to see different tonal qualities as the light reflects and refracts off the surfaces.

Textured tiles are one way to add interest and warm up a bathroom. Instead of creating a flat, two-dimensional surface, textured tiles create the illusion of space and dimensionality. A welcome addition to a small bathroom in need of that extra elegant touch!

Shop the look at Douglas Jones. Here you’ll find the latest range of superior tiles, mosaics and more to bring fresh appeal to your interior.

Douglas Jones.


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