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Flooring Sep 16, 2021

Tile House Top Tips: Help For Buying Tiles

Buying tiles for your next project? Let the experts help you with top tips and advice from none other than Tile House!


Whether you are designing for the indoors or outdoors, a large wall or a small space, in your home or your business, there are a variety of tile finishes to suit your needs. Consider the different material type finishes such as a concrete look, a marble look or a stone look tile. In addition, there are tiles with different patterns, textures, sizes, and colours. Decide where the focal area is on your space; here you can use a more special tile with a detailed pattern or a contrasting colour. For example, to enhance this focal area, you can choose a more neutral tile that acts as a backdrop to the more detailed tiles.

In the image below, the focal area is expressed using a contrasting off white coloured tile. This draws attention to this wall as it contrasts the darker grey tiles which are used on the majority of the surfaces in the space.

Ceppo Di Gre Grey 600x600mm (1.44sqm/box)

Suitability + Value for Money

After considering the design of the tile, you need to consider where the tile will be used. Depending on which area you are using the tiles, there are different ratings and grading scales applied to each type of tile. Good quality tiles are manufactured using the latest technology and are designed to be suitable for specific areas. For example, some tiles are designed for high traffic areas such as commercial spaces, these will have a commercial rating. Other tiles are designed to be suitable in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms where they will come into contact with water.

Outdoor tiles have a specific anti-slip rating to ensure that the surface is not slippery when it rains. Tile house only supplies 1st-grade tiles, which ensure quality, the longevity of the product, and value for money.


Consider the amount of tiles that you will need for your space. It is best if you have a drawing or sketch of the area you want to tile with measurements. Bring this drawing with you when visiting the tile house showroom, and our sales team will help you calculate the quantity of tiles you will need. We always suggest to add approximately an extra 10% to the total quantity needed. This is to allow for wastage during the installation due to cutting the tiles.

It is also suggested to keep a few extra tiles in storage in case something happens in the future, and you need one or two more tiles. Tiles are produced in batches and vary with each production. So we advise to buy extra tiles with your first purchase, which will ensure the tiles are from the same batch and you won’t have colour variation issues if you need extra tiles in the future.

Adhesives & Grout

When purchasing your tiles, purchase your adhesive + grout from Tile House as well. This will ensure that you buy the correct adhesive for your tile. Adhesives, with tiles, apply to different applications. Discuss this with your salesperson so that you buy the correct adhesive and similarly your grout, for the specific application.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaning routine is a very simple procedure. You would need to use neutral,wax-free products in diluted water. Do not use acid products, hard or sharp tools on the surfaces it may attack the grouts. All surface areas should be taken care of, this prevents the material from scratches, quartz, sand, and other materials, especially outdoor surfaces. It may cause abrasion to the surface and reduce the shine. Following these procedures will maintain your tiles from breakage or discolour and you won’t have to replace them every three or four years.

Please note: To follow the instructions provided on the product labels. Before using the product, it is always advisable to test clean the surface area installed. The sales team at tile house can advise you on the correct cleaning products to use. In addition, you can purchase these quality cleaning products from the Tile House showroom.

Upstone | Wall – Up_Lead 200x1600mm Metaline 800x1600mm | Floor – Up_Lead 800x1600mm

For more visit Tile House.

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