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Flooring Nov 24, 2023

The low-down on choosing swimming pool tiles with Tile House.

Floors, walls, countertops, backsplashes – tiles are ubiquitous in interiors. As such, we all know exactly how to select tiles for indoor use. But what about outside?

Tiles can be just as effective as a surface covering and decorative element outside as inside – especially in swimming pools where they can be used to decorate the bottom and side of the pool.

To give us the low-down on what to keep in mind when choosing swimming pool tiles, we’ve spoken to the team at Tile House.


As with all projects, when it comes to choosing tiles for your swimming pool, it’s a good idea to start with setting a budget. This will help narrow down your search.Tile House stocks many different tiles at many different price points to ensure every client gets to choose a product they love – and can afford.


Opting for slip-resistant tiles is a non-negotiable. No matter how pretty another tile might look, it is not worth compromising your or your loved ones’ safety.

“Outdoor tiles also require anti-slip properties or anti-slip rating. This is important as people will be walking on them when they are dry and wet. Tiles around a swimming pool are recommended to have an even greater anti-slip rating, as a precautionary measure,” says the team.

Try London Grey Anti-Slip Eco, Nostalgia Grey Anti-Slip Eco, Tatum Grey Anti-Slip or Terrazzo Light Grey Anti-Slip for a stylish – and safe – poolside surface.


Like all surfaces outdoors, tiles, too, will be exposed to the elements and endure a lot of wear and tear, which is why it is important to choose tiles with a solid warranty and guarantee.

“Outdoor tiles often differ from interior tiles as these can withstand the harshest of outdoor elements – such as direct sunlight or frost. Choose outdoor tiles that are designed for hard-wearing surfaces. This should guarantee lasting quality. Non-porous porcelain tiles are a great choice for outdoor use as they are often fade-resistant and very durable,” explains the Tile House team.

At Tile House, you will find only top-quality imported Italian tiles – unmatched in quality or durability.


Opt for a decorative design that suits the overall style of your home for a seamless flow between inside and out. Decorative mosaics are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and patterns at Tile House. Try the hexagon Amazonia Emerald Tropic tile for a tropical feel or the Amazonia Black tile for a sophisticated touch.




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