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Flooring Mar 5, 2022

Stiles Presents Two New Luxe Ranges

Stiles brings us two new and exciting ranges to bring a luxurious finish into your bathroom. Let’s take a closer look…

Provenza’s Alter Collection

The Alter collection places an emphasis on nature and authenticity. Alter thus celebrates different forms of exquisite salvaged oak, processed and treated with coloured resin inserts.

The final result is therefore a perfect tactile balance. It is unusual versatility and a warm, natural charm that nicely adapts to contemporary style.

As well as the four shades included in this series – Sbiancato, Miele, Noce and Bruciato – further architectural prospects are provided by the Incontro decor. These are available in the 60×60 cm size, styled to resemble cross-cut wood dipped in resin. An image of great strength, merging the power of oak with the brightness of resin finishing.

Pamesa Lux

Subtle shading, veining and glossy effects are the hallmarks of a series that together form a collection known as LUX by Pamesa. Kionia is straight from the island of Panormus. This series presents shades of aquamarine that fill any space with a sense of harmony and vitality. Danae, on the other hand, is a series that extols the beauty of the precious agate stone where crystalline blue forms a background for golden and brown waves. This subsequently creates a decorative jewel.

Lux is available in 120 x 120 and 120 x 60 slabs. Together they are thus the brightest stars in the constellation thanks to their principal feature: granilla (a granular glaze). This is the key ingredient that creates an amazing sense of depth, once the tiles have been polished.

Superb designs combined with cutting-edge technical features are on offer. Together, this allows for stunning visual impacts and clever plays on colour that will look fabulous in any room where wall or floor tiles are a core decorative element.

Find these and other beautiful choices for your bathroom at Stiles.

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