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Studio Masson’s New Offerings Set to Wow The Decor World

Studio Masson, importers of the finest range of Italian and European porcelain stoneware and glass products have caught the eye of the architectural and décor industries with their new products which offer extraordinary surfaces that combine aesthetic elegance with durability.

“The collections offer the illusion of natural components such as wood, stone and concrete but without the disadvantages of these products such as fragility and wear-and-tear. These exquisite tiles, floor and wall finishes require minimal upkeep – a bonus in this day and age,” says Heidi Masson, co-founder and co-owner of Studio Masson.

While most products are comprised of between 30% to 40% recycled materials, the entire product offering is deemed eco-friendly as the products are entirely comprised of natural materials, therefore conforming to the stringent European Green Standards. All of Studio Masson’s products are made of non-volatile, non-polluting materials, most of which most of which are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities which meet the highest of eco-standards.

The ultimate combination for SapienStone slabs- Premium white and Dark Marquina. Heat, stain and scratch resistant prefect for your counter -top . Start dreaming about your new kitchen in 2019.

Studio Masson’s recently introduced product offering includes:


On the forefront of innovation, Fiandre is a leading Italian producer who continues to introduce new ranges such as the Musa+ collection which offers a range of sizes, colours and textures that can be combined into a variety of patterns and designs as well as the Eminent wood collection (new to the Maximum collection) which adds a wooded look to the large format sintered porcelain slabs. A first for the south African market is Fiandre’s innovative Active 2.0 self-cleaning treatment applied to tiles and slabs which consist of clean-air (removes pollutants from the air on contact) and anti-bacterial (kills 99,99% of all harmful bacteria on contact) properties. The “active” ingredient is found within the body of the porcelain and thus cannot be worn off over time, resulting in the tiles and slabs remaining effective for their entire lifetime.

Porcelain Gres:

Part of the Fiandre group, Porcelain Gres produces on-trend and innovative collections, including porcelain pavers and large format tiles and slabs. Studio Masson now offers the Urban & Urban GreatPure WoodRadical, MilestoneQuartzite Real and #Outdoor collections.


Le Corbusier believed the key aspect in design was the harmony of colours and the effect colour has on man and space. Le CorbusierPolychromie Architectural, Molitor and Tokyo collections are based on Le Corbusier’s Architectural Polychromy innovative materials in porcelain stoneware for architecture.


Trend, quality and superb value encompasses the Tele di Marmi and Viva Legno Emil collections offered by Studio Masson. The innovative designs combined with multiple textures makes these collections stand out in a room.


Exclusive to Studio Masson, Sicis is the world leader in glass mosaics, tiles and slabs whose collection ffers unlimited design possibilities. With extraordinary colours and textures fused between two glass sheets in 16 sizes, the Vetrite slab collection demands the attention of any room. Pixal Art MosaicsOrientale Mosaics and Mosaic Blends are all showcased in Studio Masson’s new extended showroom.


New to the Sapienstone porcelain slab collection is the induction integrated smart cooking surface, where induction plates are integrated into the porcelain slab in order to provide a visually unobstructed counter top pattern.

“There are no longer boundaries and limitations to the achievement of architectural realizations where the beauty of nature can be combined with all the unsurpassed exceptional physical attributes of fine porcelain and glass,” says Heidi Masson.

For more information on Studio Masson and its product offering, visit the website: www.studiomasson.co.za/

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