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Spotlight Patricia Urquiola

Known for her creative mix of styles and colours, Spanish artist Patricia Urquiola’s designs are characterised by their minimalist yet playful nature.

And her latest range of tiles for Mutina is no exception.

The Mater tile collection is a graphic expression of bold, organic shapes inspired by graphics from the 1950s and the artisanal ceramics of Vietri.

“The collection started from the floor of the Mutina meeting room. Massimo and I strongly wanted to reinterpret that handcrafted tile. So we started this empathetic journey, made up of a lot of research and discoveries,” explains Urquiola. 

“In fact, inside Mater, there is technology, experimentation, visual craftsmanship.”

Named after the earth (“materia” or “matter”) used to create it, the collection is both visually and texturally striking, boasting tactile surfaces and glossy enamel finishes achieved through the use of an innovative VOC-free glazing technique that results in a tactile effect with great visual impact.

Available in two basic versions with neutral backgrounds, the Uni Beige and Uni Moka designs can develop into six variants employing the Segno pattern and various colourways. In Uni Beige it develops into the Segno Bianco, Segno Blue and Segno Terra variants, while the Uni Moka version develops into Segno Nero, Segno Verde and Segno Ocra.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Mater tile collection is available in three size formats, 15x60cm, 60×60 cm, and 120×120 cm.

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