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Spotlight: Meet The Team From Opia Design

In the world of design, craftsmanship and handmade bring colour and excitement to the industry. In this exclusive interview with Ghizlaine Menebhi , we delve into the inspiring story of Opia Design, a masterful creator of handmade tiles that infuse homes and spaces with elegance and soul. Discover the passion, dedication, and artistry behind every piece as we explore the journey of this exceptional company.

Their ethos – durability, design, fair trade, and quality. Opia’s dedicated team crafts the finest handmade tiles to service the South African market. They understand your spaces are unique, so with this in mind, they offer bespoke Moroccan artistry that provides the ultimate in tile luxury.

Each tile is hand-crafted in Morocco in a process that’s been around for thousands of years. There is an inherent beauty in a handmade, high-quality, history-filled product.

What inspires you and helps you create such tiles?

My dual heritage, with roots in both Belgium and Morocco, has been a significant source of inspiration. Embracing two cultures with rich architectural and design traditions has allowed me to appreciate what truly makes a home timeless and inviting. When we founded Opia Design, we aimed to introduce organic surface materials, enriching the existing offerings, and bringing a touch of elegance to our customers’ spaces.

What tiles have left you with a lasting impact?

Without a doubt, it’s the authentic zelliges tiles. They’re not just tiles; they’re living storytellers with a history spanning over a millennium! I truly loved the idea that something as basic as a tile could become a piece of art. I find joy in observing the ever-changing light reflections and the delightful nuances of colours throughout the day.

Which interior designers have influenced your interior style?

My style has been influenced more by creators who have made a lasting impact on interior design. Icons like William Morris, Isamu Noguchi, and Hans Wegner have played a role in shaping my perspective. You know it’s genius when your creations are still being replicated.

Closer to my inspiration for Opia, I would say Agnes Emery, the Belgian architect/interior designer who first brought zelliges to Belgium and integrated them creatively into her work.

What is your personal style preference?

My personal style preference revolves around warmth, authenticity, and functionality. I believe that a home should reflect cherished memories and hold items collected over time. I’m drawn to organic materials, which provide coherence and balance to the space.

What have been your career highlights?

My journey has been filled with highlights, particularly since starting Opia Design. I moved to South Africa eight years ago and established the company six years ago. Receiving orders from prominent South African design companies and admired architects is a gratifying recognition of our products’ quality and appeal.

What do you define as the ultimate luxury?

For me, the ultimate luxury is embracing organic materials and timeless design. It’s about avoiding plastic, trendy fads, or cheap and fragile furniture. I believe in making sustainable choices that are not only respectful of the planet but also stand the test of time.

5 Quick Questions with Opia Design

1. My favourite thing to buy for my home is… A table lamp that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.
2. The easiest effective design technique is… Mixing wooden furniture or wooden floors with zelliges or limestone for an elegant touch.
3. One thing I never do in an interior is… Use big white porcelain tiles on the floor as it can make the space feel cold and cheap.
4. Your design motto… “Your interior should be a reflection of who you are and not a mere external influence.”
5. Your secret ingredient for design success… Blending cultural heritage, timeless materials, and your personal history to create enchanting spaces.

The kitchen from Coral and Hive. It’s always beautiful to see how suppliers of organic materials support each other.

For more visit Opia Design.

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