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Six Zones, Six Solutions: Explore Leroy Merlin’s Unique Tile Collection

Unique tiles can be used to highlight or differentiate specific areas within a home, such as kitchen backsplashes, bathroom showers, or entryway floors. Certain unique tiles, such as ceramic or porcelain, offer excellent resistance to heat and moisture, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. With Leroy Merlin‘s diverse range of tiles, discover the perfect style to transform every zone of your home.

  1. Culinary Canvas: Unleash your inner artist! Bold, patterned tiles behind your stove or sink create a stunning focal point. Consider factors like durability, ease of cleaning, and heat resistance. Popular options include ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone. Choose a grout colour that complements your tiles and minimises the appearance of stains.

  2. Spa-like Sanctuary and Guest Bathroom Pizazz: Transform your bathroom into a tranquil escape with captivating tiles. Prioritize water resistance, ease of cleaning, and durability. Ceramic, porcelain, and glass are popular choices due to their low water absorption. Natural stone tiles like granite or marble can add a luxurious touch but require special sealants for moisture protection. Smaller mosaic tiles offer greater flexibility for curved surfaces around sinks and vanities. Relaxing colours like blue, green, or beige can create a spa-like atmosphere.Bold colours or patterns can add personality, a good idea to use in a guest bathroom, but ensure they complement your overall bathroom design.

  3. Living Room Luxe: Turn a wall in your living room into a showstopper. Unique tiles provide a dramatic backdrop for furniture or artwork. Be bold! Living room accent walls are a great place to experiment with colour and pattern. Choose a colour that complements your existing furniture or artwork, or create a dramatic statement with a contrasting hue. Consider textured or patterned tiles for added visual appeal. For a seamless look, choose a grout colour that matches your tiles. A contrasting grout can highlight the individual tiles and create a more defined pattern. Place your unique tile on a wall that naturally draws the eye.

  4. Grand Entrance: Make a lasting impression from the moment guests arrive. Eye-catching tiles in your entryway or hallway not only add elegance but are also durable for high-traffic areas.

  5. Fireplace Flair: Enhance your fireplace into the heart of your home. Decorative tiles that contrast with your décor create a truly captivating centrepiece. Choose heat-resistant tiles specifically designed for fireplace surrounds. Common options include ceramic, porcelain and stone veneer.

Alfresco Elegance: Bring a touch of luxury outdoors! Unique tiles on your patio, garden pathways, or outdoor kitchen add a touch of sophistication and personality to your exterior spaces. Consider a porcelain deck tile.

Explore LEROY MERLIN’s product selection online or visit your nearest store to find the perfect tiles to bring your design vision to life. For your convenience, Leroy Merlin boasts spacious stores with ample parking in Greenstone, Little Falls, Boksburg and Fourways.
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