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Flooring Feb 24, 2024

Red Mosaics by Douglas Jones for a Valentine’s Month Makeover

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate the month of romance than by adding a touch of passion to your home with Douglas Jones’ exquisite red mosaic tiles. As South Africa’s premier importer and supplier of quality mosaic tiles, Douglas Jones brings you three sensational ranges that will infuse your kitchen or bathroom with love and style.

  1. Red Piccolo Ceramic Mosaics: Versatility at its Finest The red Piccolo Ceramic Mosaics from Douglas Jones are the epitome of versatility. These tiles are perfect for both wet and dry areas, making them an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Their gloss finish adds a touch of sophistication. Imagine walking into a kitchen adorned with these vibrant red tiles – an instant mood lifter for you and your loved one.douglas-jones-red-makeover-one
  2. Red Glass Mosaics: Timeless Elegance with Depth Transport your space to new heights of elegance with Douglas Jones’ timeless red Glass Mosaics. These age-old favourites offer depth and character, making them the perfect choice for feature walls, kitchen splashbacks, and even luxurious bathroom settings. The reflective nature of glass creates a mesmerising play of light, setting the stage for a romantic ambiance in your home. Transform your space into a haven of love with these stunning red glass tiles.
  3. Red Penny Round: Trendy, Stylish, and Hardwearing Embrace the latest trends with the Red Penny Round Ceramic Mosaics. Their trendy and stylish design adds a contemporary flair to any space. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these tiles are hardwearing and suitable for medium-traffic floor applications. Whether you choose to use them in wet or dry areas, the Red Penny Round Mosaics will undoubtedly stand the test of time.douglas-jones-image-fourThis Valentine’s Month, give the gift of a home makeover with Douglas Jones’ Red Mosaic tiles. Let the warmth of red infuse your living spaces with love, creating a haven where romance blossoms. Whether it’s a cozy kitchen or a luxurious bathroom, these mosaic tiles are the perfect way to express your love and appreciation for the special moments shared in your home.

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