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Flooring Apr 28, 2023

Opia Design: How to Create Warmth with Natural Materials

When it comes to interior design, it’s not just about making a space look beautiful. It’s also about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that promotes a sense of comfort and relaxation.

The team at Opia Design believe that natural materials are the best way to create warmth in your interior. Far from fast consumption, they only propose organic material with a story.


Zelliges is a hand-crafted ceramic tile that originated in Morocco. They come in a wide range of colours, from earthy neutrals to bright jewel tones, and their irregular shapes and textures add depth and character to any space. The hand of the artisan is present in each and every tile and bring a unique and timeless signature.

Besides well-known zelliges, Opia Design has selected the warmest natural stone for the South African market. From soft greys to off-white, they wanted to bring forward an organic feel that would suit both classic and modern interiors. Whether it’s marble or limestone, each type of stone has its own unique texture and colour variations that add a natural, earthy element to an interior.

Together, zelliges and natural stone can create a cosy, hygge atmosphere in any interior. In their own way, they create a sense of common human history. Something that we can all relate to in our own home.

Sleek, easy and modern

At last, we keep in mind that beauty must be practical and easy to maintain. Both limestone and zelliges are durable and low-maintenance materials, which makes them a practical choice for floors and high-traffic areas.

Whether it’s a cosy living room or a modern kitchen, these materials can add a natural and organic feel that promotes relaxation and comfort. So, if you’re looking to create a cosy and inviting space in your home, consider incorporating zelliges and natural stone into your design.

For more design inspiration visit Opia Design.

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