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Flooring Jul 3, 2021

Lifestyle Ceramics: It’s All About Timeless Winter Designs

We’re hearing the word “timeless” a lot this winter. For good reason. With a timeless design, you are creating something that will last you years. You are also creating something that you will never get tired of. 

To be able to achieve a timeless design, you need to choose items that will last. You’re investing in your future, which means you need to invest in items that will follow you into that future.

Stone Baths

Stone baths are a great way of investing in your future. They will last you a lifetime and bring a spa-like feel to your bathroom. Their high heat retention adds that much more to those long, hot soaks in wintertime. Lifestyle Ceramics offers them in all different shapes and sizes, so you can add one into any bathroom. We also have matching basins for that added effect.


Wood has been a constant element in design and it is as timeless as it gets. Hardwood floors are especially a favourite but it is a big no-no when it comes to putting them into your bathroom. Wood-look tiles are a perfect solution when it comes to this. Not only do they look and feel like the real thing, but they also don’t require regular maintenance, and water damage is a thing of the past. Visit a Lifestyle Ceramics’ showrooms to get a feel of what these wood-look tiles are made of.

Floating bathroom vanities

Floating vanities are a great way to spruce up your bathroom this winter; They come in great colours and finishes. You have options of freestanding, recessed, and semi-recessed for your basin on top. There are sizes available for small bathrooms and larger bathrooms. All in all, they are diverse and a great addition to your bathroom.


Visit Lifestyle Ceramics online or one of their showrooms to see what else they have to offer this winter.

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