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Flooring May 13, 2021

Lifestyle Ceramics: Health, Wellness & The Latest Winter Trends

Experience true luxury with premium porcelain and ceramic tiles from Lifestyle Ceramics. Here we chat about the latest winter trends as well as the many health and wellness benefits of porcelain tiles. Shop their exclusive range of colours, styles, sizes, and designs to transform your space.

Health and Wellness

Have you ever considered the health benefits of porcelain tiles? Are porcelain tiles the best choice when it comes to surrounding ourselves with them? Especially in this time and age? Here are a few things that make those questions easier for us.

Porcelain tiles are easy to clean and don’t require intense cleaning products. Their surface is also resistant to any bacterial growth. That means less scrubbing and a shorter cleaning time without sacrificing hygiene. They also lend a helping hand in the long run with their high stain resistance qualities. 

Also a contributor to healthy indoor air, porcelain tiles have hypoallergenic properties and are non-flammable. Porcelain tiles contain zero plastic and are made of natural, unprocessed materials which promote wellness into our earth.

Trends are constantly changing, especially with the seasons, and so are we. In our seasons of change, we need to sometimes update the spaces we surround ourselves with. 

Wood and Stone

Wood- and stone looks are leading the trends this year, along with placing some patterned tiles on your floors. Speaking of patterns, why not play with different, unique tile layouts! If you’re not quite feeling the intricate tile layouts, try adding bold shapes to your space as those have been making their come back. And don’t forget; it’s all about the cool tones this winter. Think grey, white, blue, and even a bit of black.


Wanderlust is a new collection of slabs from Lifestyle Ceramics. Presented in a range of different colours and patterns, Wanderlust is inspired by travel and nature. Having no lack of vibrancy, this collection can warm up any space. They are available in a 1200x2780mm size with a polished finish.

Lifestyle Ceramics is known for being South Africa’s leading importer of luxury tiles. Along with that title, they have researched and sourced the very latest in exclusive design trends from around the world for over 30 years. If you are looking to update your space, make a stop at their doors.

Visit Lifestyle Ceramics for more.

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