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Flooring Jun 26, 2022

Italtile Presents A New Collection of Spanish Wall Tiles

Italtile adds an exciting new collection of Spanish Wall Tiles to its international portfolio.

An exciting selection of Spanish wall tiles in a most beautiful range of delicate pale tones and textures is downloading at Italtile right now. The collection is reminiscent of the ultra-elegant, indoor-outdoor Marbella villas on the sun-splashed Costa del Sol. Furthermore, it features the subtly mottled creams, milk-whites and pearl greiges that create the sense of spaciousness, lightness and brightness that typifies luxe Mediterranean living.

Modern Spanish style is a rising star in the design sky. We love its extraordinary blend of classic Spanish flair and timeless chic – both bold and refined – subsequently seen in clean lines, neutral palettes, layered textures and natural materials.

The New Spanish Collection, with its calming variations on a theme, will thus fit beautifully into contemporary South African homes, with our outdoorsy personality and love of open-plan living.

What can you expect?

Parsel Perla, with its gently grainy pale greige. Pienza Avoria, which is an elegantly veined and mottled travertine-style tile. Quios Cream, featuring a milky base with golden-brown veining. Savona Grigio and matching décor Caph Savona – a double act in harmonising marble-travertine variance. Urban Ivory, an ultra-pale, milky terracotta style tile. And Boulevard Natural, a warm limestone-like neutral.

These are all large format rectified tiles that therefore create a neat butt join and a small grout line. Large tiles like these subsequently allow for far fewer grout lines in a space. This immediately opens it up and creates the perception of a much larger area. Of course, being light-coloured tiles, they will further enhance the sense of open space.

Furthermore, all the tiles in the collection are white-bodied – what the Spanish call ‘pasta blancas’. This means that the lack of colour in the tile body or ‘bisque’ allows the lighter glazes to really pop. It also offers a much sharper rectified edge. The (relative) lack of hardness means that a white-bodied tile should only ever be used as a wall tile.

Each tile range in the collection offers various designs, or faces, to ensure an authentic, varianced finish when laid, to minimise repetition.

Spanish Wall Tiles:

– Size 400×1200

– Exclusive to Italtile

– Made in Spain

– Large format

– Rectified edges which allow for a butt join / small grout line = perception of larger room space due to fewer grout lines

– Light colour option = perception of larger room space

– White body = colour enhancement of tiles

– Various designs to minimize repeated patterns

Shop the collection at Italtile.

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