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Flooring Jun 23, 2024

Italtile: Marble – Designed To Add Polish on a Large Scale

Marble claimed its rightful place as the world’s most elegant aesthetic millennia ago and it remains a highly desirable look. For centuries it was the exclusive building block of temples, palaces, and monuments, but methods of procuring the stone improved with the advance of technology. So, the costs associated with marble were greatly reduced. Because of this, marble started to appear in residences. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, with extraordinary technology, porcelain tiles offer an accurate remastering of the astonishing brilliance of the many marble types and a more sustainable interior solution.

Italtile curates an extensive and diverse range of exquisite, durable, highly polished marble-look porcelain tiles for style-conscious homeowners in search of that unashamedly luxe, timeless aesthetic with a more sustainable profile. In an ongoing search for the latest porcelain iterations of the Modern Marble aesthetic, Italtile regularly introduces fresh new looks. New large format Codex Blue, Impulse Ice and Astor White offer superb value for money with their more sustainable porcelain expression of unusual marbles. Each offers exceptional beauty, magnificent polish, peerless quality, and durability, and will be equally at home in classic, urban, contemporary, or natural surroundings.

Codex Blue.

An on-trend marble look that replicates the dramatic personality of semi-precious onyx, with a brilliant swirl of blues, golds and white. High polish. Four unique faces.

Impulse Ice.

A sophisticated, subtle grey marble look with warm greige veining. High polish. Three unique faces.

Astor White.

A highly polished, classic cool white and silver-grey marbled look with four unique faces and the unique benefit of Endless veining. This technology enables continuous patterning across all faces, no matter how the tiles are laid, vertically or horizontally.

Features and benefits of the range:

The 1200mm x 1800mm large format size offers a greater surface on which the virtuoso patterning and intricacies of the marbling graphics can be showcased. A more spacious surface means fewer tiles are needed to cover a space, with the result of fewer grout lines, for a sleeker finish. Large format tiles can be used to great effect in both large and small spaces. A tile thickness of 9.5mm supports the larger format.


A rectified tile offers an exact edge because it has been mechanically cut for utmost precision. This guarantees uniformity because every tile is exactly the same size. Sharper, straighter edges mean tighter grout joints: a look that offers a seamless appearance and, ultimately, a more continuous vista across the tiled surface, whether wall or floor.

High polish.

The high-polish gloss of the new marble-look tile range gives the tiled space an exciting sparkle, as light reflects off the surfaces to elevate both the lush, marbled graphics and the space as a whole.


Suitable for both walls and floors. We encourage customers to lay a dirt trap at entrances to minimise the risk of any scratching which could flaw the high polish finish.


High-end glazed porcelain tiles require minimal effort to keep clean and maintain their pristine beauty. As with all Italtile tiles, Codex Blue, Impulse Ice and Astor White do not need to be sealed. Regarding tile cleaners: always speak to our sales consultants regarding chemical cleaning products, and never use abrasive substances.

Codex Blue, Impulse Ice and Astor White are all exclusive to Italtile.

Contact: Italtile Retail.
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