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Flooring Aug 31, 2023

Italtile introduces new Kronos EcoTec

Italtile introduces new Kronos EcoTec, a beautifully durable, eco-chic tile collection built to stand the test of time.

Inspired by Cronos, the powerful Greek God of Time (and for a while the ruler of all gods and men), Ceramic Industries’ exciting new Kronos collection of large format stone-look porcelain tiles offers one beautifully durable surface covering to rule every space, both inside and out.

Kronos is a magnificent matt stone-look tile that will add contemporary sophistication to every space and create a smooth flow and continuity from room to room. From bedroom, to bathroom, to outside areas. One look. One trusted, super-safe and durable surface. Responsible good looks designed to bring you years and years of joy.

Kronos is an A-Grade tile available in three neutral shades:

Kronos Charcoal Matt EcoTec

Kronos Ash Matt EcoTec

Kronos Grey Matt EcoTe

The range also offers the revolutionary INOUT slip-resistant technology, currently only available in the grey colourway

Ceramic Industries has developed its own interpretation of the internationally recognised INOUT technology – a revolutionary new concept that combines both a soft touch and tough slip resistance. That is to say, you’ll experience a tile surface that is soft and velvety underfoot when dry, yet exceptionally ‘grippy’ in the wet. This is a departure from the traditional slip-resistant tile, which has a noticeably grainy, rough surface. In essence, INOUT is created from a very fine granular coating of uniformly sized, microscopic Nano particles. Unlike traditional slip-resistant tiles, the smooth surface of the INOUT Kronos Grey Matt EcoTec tile is very easy to clean, and thus a low maintenance option.

The large 600 x 1200 mm format not only authentically reimagines the stone-look graphic, with its intricate flecks and variances of natural stone, it is also designed to minimise the number of visible joins and grout lines. The result is a near seamless, uninterrupted surface that amplifies the sense of spaciousness and continuity.

The range is available with 9 faces. (The more numerous the faces – different graphic representations – the more natural the look of the installation, with minimal pattern repetition.)

As with all the tiles in Italtile’s exclusive Ceramic Industries Collection, new Kronos is a truly sustainable option, with its EcoTec manufacturing technology. While there is no debate that any manufacturing process has an impact on the environment, Ceramic Industries is committed to the radical reduction of the company’s footprint. The commitment? Reducing factory energy consumption by up to 30%. Which means that by installing Kronos in your living, working and playing areas, you are upping your eco cred at home.

The new Kronos range is exclusive to Italtile and will carry Italtile’s LiveGreen logo.

Contact: Italtile

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