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Flooring Aug 27, 2020

Fornasetti & Bisazza Mosaics Join Forces For A Remarkable Collab

The magic, humour, metaphors, allusions, and bounty of the Fornasetti compositions are perfectly portrayed in the new Bisazza décors – expressions of that amalgam of art, design, and luxury, which has long distinguished the style, virtuosity, and know-how of the two Italian brands.

Bisazza previews Ortensia, the first decorative pattern of a new mosaic collection born from the ingenious interpretation of the creative language of Fornasetti, one of the most internationally renowned design brands.

This meeting of the minds between two Italian design masters produced four mosaic patterns that, taken apart and reassembled, explore new surfaces, lavish proportions and remarkable reflections of light.

The result is a vibrant, creative and energetic collection. We love the splash of colours, the life, the richness that becomes so apparent in this range. A beautiful, timeless collection worthy of our utmost attention.

Find out more at Bisazza Mosaics.

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