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Flooring Jul 14, 2023

Embrace the Warmth of Winter with Dunes Tiles by Douglas Jones

As the winter season approaches and the days grow colder, there’s no better way to bring warmth and comfort to your home than by incorporating the exquisite Dunes series of tiles from Douglas Jones. These luxurious tiles effortlessly transform any living space into a cozy haven, reminiscent of sun-kissed sand dunes and serene shorelines.

The Dunes series of elongated dimensional tiles are thoughtfully designed with an offset angled surface, evoking the essence of wind-swept sand. The tapering trapezoid relief gracefully dances across the wall, casting captivating shadows while maintaining a clean, contemporary aesthetic. Each colour option boasts a surface that softens its geometric design, resulting in a stunning marble-like finish.

The Dunes series offers two colours: sandstone mint and sandstone ocean. These colours perfectly complement each other, ensuring a harmonious blend of shades for your home.

Dunes quarried stone tiles feature a wavy relief pattern, meshed in a straight stack and arranged successively to create a truly exclusive finished surface. Each tile measures 190 x 300mm and varies in thickness from 6mm to 15mm. While these tumbled natural stone designs are ideally installed with grout, they can also be installed dry stacked for a more seamless look. The straight stack pattern further enhances the visual appeal, resulting in a truly stunning finished surface.

Contact Douglas Jones for more info : 0861 667 242info@douglasjones.co.zawww.douglasjones.co.za

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