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Flooring Mar 1, 2021

Douglas Jones: 5 Tile Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

Tiles are still the most popular choice of material in home design, especially when it comes to durable surfaces such as flooring, kitchens and bathrooms. Here we share five tile trends that are hard to beat.


Who says grass is only for the outdoors? The latest Morrocotto Grass tiles from Douglas Jones will bring the same burst of freshness to your interior. A vibrant green hue sets the tone with this trendy tile – perfect for adding a pop of colour to an otherwise bland wall. This rustic style of brick cladding can be used along with the many other bright or pastel colours available in the range to create a collage of colour creativity.

Monochromatic Style

Keep it neutral and timeless with mosaics in an ombre look – grey, white and everything in between. This is a great way to add a textured feel to your room with added definition. The Grey Mix from Douglas Jones makes a statement as a bold backdrop in the bathroom or a beautiful shower floor.

Ancient East

For that extra wow factor, consider the shape of your tiles for added depth and tone in your room. Beautiful Lantern Serenity Glass tiles from Douglas Jones are the epitome of style and elegance. Old meets modern as this ceramic mosaic accentuates the shapes of Ancient Eastern Europe. What’s more, is that these tiles can be used horizontally and vertically.

Stone-look Trend

For decades now, we have found new and interesting ways to connect with the natural world and bring the outdoors inside. Stone-look tiles are one way to achieve a rustic and unrefined look. We love the Mountain Resin Rock mosaic options from Douglas Jones for an earthy and rustic ambience indoors.

Dark Drama

We’re seeing a shift from light, white and sterile designs to deep, dark and dramatic tones. The same is true in terms of modern tile trends. Darker tones will add depth to your space and create an intimate, cosy and even relaxing feel at home. Check out some dramatic colour variations and pair these with modern fixtures for an urban vibe in your kitchen or bathroom.


Looking to bring the latest trends into your next project? Douglas Jones offers a wide selection of tiles and mosaics in these stylish options and more.

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