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Flooring Sep 20, 2023

Curated luxury : Studio Masson’s SIXTY Decor Tile Collection

Studio Masson’s SIXTY Decor Tile Collection is a testament to creativity. This carefully curated collection boasts stunning colors and versatile tile sizes, promising to elevate your interior design.

One of our favourites in the  SIXTY Decor Tile Collection is this feature color, CIELO. A serene and tranquil tone makes  it a perfect choice for creating harmonious interior spaces. Whether you’re designing a cozy kitchen nook or a grand bathroom space , Cielo sets the stage for a sophisticated ambiance.

Beyond its colour palette, the collection offers three distinctive finishes: matte, gloss, and the unique Timbo texture. These finishes open up endless design possibilities, allowing you to craft spaces that reflect your individual style.

The matte finish exudes subtle elegance, ideal for a minimalist and sophisticated atmosphere. On the other hand, the gloss finish adds glamour and luxury, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of shine.

The standout feature is the Timbo texture, adding depth and character to your walls. Whether used as an accent or for an entire wall, Timbo tiles make a bold statement, inviting tactile exploration.

What makes this collection exceptional is its versatility. Mix and match finishes to create unique patterns and visual contrasts, or use each finish individually for a cohesive interior finish. Whether your style is contemporary or classic, the SIXTY Decor Tile Collection adapts to your vision.

Come and explore this gorgeous goes collection at our showroom or online.

Contact: Studio Masson


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