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Ceregran: The Tr3nd Collection of Concrete-Look Tiles

Concrete-look tiles create an understated, elegant, natural finish and Ceregran offers versatile, quality options to revamp the home. The latest Tr3nd collection from Ergon is a perfect match for a contemporary interior. 

The Tr3nd Range

Match concrete-look tiles with wood-feel tiles to finish the look. The versatile Tr3nd range from Ceregran consists of 3 finishes – concrete, majolica and wood – and eight colours that can be mixed and matched to create gorgeous combinations.

Tr3nd is a minimal series collection by Ergon. Where the elegant matt of concretes and the sobriety of natural wood meet. In addition with the shine and tactile richness of majolica. A versatile project with the potential for extraordinary combinations thanks to an assortment of eight shades, four warm and four cold, to free up projects’ imagination and generate trendsetting combinations, ideal for designing large and small surfaces.

Looking for a concrete kitchen finish without the hassle of pouring concrete? The Tr3nd range is also ideal in the kitchen environment and can be matched with other finishes for a contemporary look and feel.

How do you match tiles?


It’s not as hard as you think. Tile ranges like these from Tr3nd are often designed specially to be used together. The series is minimalist while mixing the elegant matt of concretes, natural wood and tactile nature of majolica. There are also 12 sizes to choose from – all of which can be mixed and matched.

Shop the look at Ceregran.

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