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Ceragran: Architect Resin by Ergon

Architect Resin by Ergon offers the plain simplicity of concrete which encounters artistic creativity, with broad strokes and expanses of colour.

ITN architects designed apartment

The collection, now available from Ceragran, draws its inspiration from contemporary architecture.

The key material is resin, interpreted in eight colours divided into two groups:

  • warm, 4 shades which can be combined together to create welcoming design schemes;
  • and cold, 4 cooler tones for use, together if wished, to convey sophistication and modernity.

The resin effect offers a contemporary edge for beautifully modern spaces.


A finish obtained by surface honing that does not affect the product’s technical characteristics but enhances its appearance by giving added depth and shine. Especially suitable for floor and wall coverings in residential contexts or where traffic level

A surface that is velvet-smooth to the touch but has all the resistance and anti-slip properties needed for use in any residential and commercial context.

The collection is made even richer by modular sizes, with honed and natural surfaces, as well as a vast selection of mosaics, to make every location unique.

Contact: Ceragran

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