Summer Entertaining: Table Decor Ideas With Tile Africa

Summer is the perfect season for entertaining. With brilliant weather and the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start sending out the invitations! If you’re tired of the same old table décor ideas, we invite you to think outside the box and add your unique style to your table décor this Summer.

Tiles can make a wonderful addition to your traditional table setting. Use tiles either as underplates – think wood-look planks, glossy marble or rustic stone-look – or use them as trivets for placing those piping hot dishes on, keeping your table or counter top protected. Attach furniture felt pads to the bottom of the tile, to make it easier to pick up and move them, this also helps prevent scratching your furniture.

Festive styling

Most people think of red and green for Christmas décor, but classic white with black accents can give a whole new dimension to your table decor. Pair a boldly patterned Kenzani décor tile with white dinnerware, gleaming cutlery and shimmering glassware. Add touches of festive cheer through the table linens, ribbons and coloured glassware to bring a touch of the season’s traditional colours to the look.


Casual Family Dinner

For casual dining with a twist, use a textured or delicately patterned tile like the Hessian Flower, with plain crockery, to bring interest to the setting. A chunky block of wood as a trivet, plays off the texture of the tile and adds country-kitchen appeal to this look. Keep the table linens and floral elements toned down for a warm, cosy feel that’s perfect for welcoming guests to a hearty family dinner.

Summer Braai

Celebrate the great outdoors at your next braai by pairing brightly coloured plates and serviettes with a Baystone stone-look tile. The natural colours of summer flowers and warm stone combine to offset the more sombre colours of your cast-iron cookware. Keep floral arrangements to a minimum and let your garden and cheerful crockery bring summer fun to your table.


High Tea

Nothing says sophistication quite like a well-presented high tea. Mix classically patterned china with plain linens, fresh spring flowers and an elegant Kenzani white marble-look tile as the perfect complement to your tea set. Choose a colour out of the chinaware pattern and use this for your accent pieces, bringing interest and a dash of delicate colour to the setting.


Soup-er Supper

There’s something very satisfying about a simple bowl of soup shared with loved ones. Enjoy a chilled consommé for a casual supper. Pair the cooler shades of green, blue, grey or white with the warmth of a Woodland wood-look tile for a wonderful contrast. Keep the setting clean with white roses and napkins in subtle shades of your chosen colour, blending the natural wood tones with the tablecloth.

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