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Dec 2, 2019

Ferreiras: Back to Basics – The Tiling ABC’s

Just like everything we spend money on, sometimes it is better to spend a little more on a much better quality product. This rule works just the same with tiles.

Picture this: you are building your dream home – FINALLY – and you spend a fortune on your build. As always the project takes much longer than expected and your dream project becomes something that you just can’t wait to be over, and just when you think it is (about 5 years later), you realise a crack right in the middle of your entrance way, and then another in your kitchen, and then another and another. Then it hits you – are you now going to retile your whole house at the inflated rate? Or are you going to wish you had paid that R100 extra for each square metre to not have to deal with this until you actually redo your house on your terms.


So let us go back to the basics and where to start. The first thing to look at when purchasing tiles is to make sure you use the right tile in the right application. For instance your main floor tile will be different to your covered patio tile which will be different to the tile you use around your pool. The good news is that many suppliers produce an interior and exterior version of the same tile so that you can achieve a seamless look while still using the right tile in the right application – BONUS!

So if you are looking for a crash course on tiles, here are a few tips so you can be a little more educated when choosing tiles.

Many of us think that a tile is a tile, is a tile, but this is not true. Just like any product a tile can range in quality, price, preference, style, application and design. To begin, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the tile for indoors or outdoors?
  2. Is the tile for floor or wall application?
  3. Is the tile to be used in a high traffic area?
  4. Is the tile going in a specific area i.e. kitchen splashback or shower floor?
  5. What tile finish do you prefer, Natural Stone? Polished? Matte? Glass?
  6. What look do you wish to achieve? Are you looking for one tile to be used differently throughout or are you looking for one tile and then a second feature tile only to be used as an accent? Will this be a splurge to create a talking point or will it simply be a differently textured tile to break the monotony?

These questions are very important as the answers will guide you to the correct installation procedures. For example natural stone products require sealing post installation, and glass is something you wouldn’t use on your shower floor as you would slip and fall. Even if you don’t have all the answers and you would prefer to follow the trends and what is popular… we can assist.

Remember – Your tiles are your choice, to match your personality and style. There are no rules. You have to live with the choice – not your sales person or your designer. So be sure to provide as much information to your sales person as possible – even if its details of what you don’t want – as this guides the process for you getting the exact look and feel and budget that you wish for. There is no need to feel intimidated. The Ferreiras team is always available to make the process much simpler.

Step into a Ferreiras showroom and let them help you make the best tiling decision for your home.

For more visit Ferreiras.

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