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Apr 19, 2017

Exploring the boundaries of flooring creativity with Van Dyck Carpets.

There is nothing quite like a beautiful floor to complete the look of a space. As the foundation on which we build our interiors, floors have the power to elevate a room in terms of its design appeal.

This is why we are smitten with the endless flooring possibilities of the new Athena Woven Vinyl tiles from Van Dyck Carpets. This collection offers innovative design flexibility and is available in stock in a variety of colours to suit different interior styles and commercial spaces.

These vinyl tiles are anti-slip and come in 50cm by 50cm squares, with an overall thickness of 3mm, fitted in accordance with the supplier’s installation instructions. Perfect in heavy commercial areas, the collection is hard-wearing and durable and the perfect solution in office environments with heavy footfall. From between vibrant pink, yellow and blue, or opt for a subtler tone of beige, grey and brown.

With so many variations, you could also mix and match colours to design your own unique flooring patterns. Van Dyck is the oldest carpet manufacturer in South Africa – a brand we trust to supply quality and craftsmanship.


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