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Nov 11, 2019

Douglas Jones: Inspired Mosaic Flooring Ideas

Colour. Texture. Pattern. These are just some of the wonderful benefits of mosaic tiling in the home. Add a simple arrangement of mosaics to your flooring and watch an ordinary room transform into something magical!

Flooring is an essential part of any room. Your choice of material will either enhance the ambience or distract from the overall look you’re hoping to achieve. If you’re after something fresh and inspired, mosaic flooring may be the answer you’re looking for. Available in gorgeous colours and patterns, this will certainly become an eye-catching and intriguing element in the overall design of your room.

In a smaller bathroom, a bold mosaic installation may give it the lift it needs to feel more inspired and elegant. Choose mosaics that add to the overall colour scheme of your bathroom, in various shades to complement the look. This may help to give your space a renewed energy.

The beauty of mosaics is that you can pair bold colours together in beautiful installations and still retain an elegant look. It is also easy to customise your flooring and create unique patterns that evoke your own personality and style.

The opposite is also true as mosaics further give you the option of sticking to one solid colour for a more refined look. We love the idea behind this Gold Rush bathroom featured below with bold golden tones wall tones offset by a white mosaic flooring. This colour palette helps to create a warm and inviting bathroom experience.

White mosaics can be paired with just about any colour scheme you desire. On its own, white mosaic flooring is ideal for a minimalist or contemporary bathroom. If you’re hoping to create a sleek, streamlined and neutral bathroom, then white mosaic flooring is always a winner.

Colourful mosaic flooring can also be a great contrast to a white minimalist room. Take for instance, this bathroom featured below. With white subway tiles and a neutral backdrop, coloured mosaics adds definition and style to the flooring and helps to anchor the space. It is a beautiful refreshing addition to this modern bathroom.

Choose mosaics that echo the tones in the room and you’ll instantly create a balanced design. Decide on accent pieces to complement your new installation and your room will feel sophisticated and professionally designed. A palette of neutrals featuring beige, white and grey tones would be ideal against this beige mosaic installation featured below.

Simple, sleek hexagons are always a winner. If your room is already busy, bright and beautiful, then perhaps consider a neutral mosaic flooring to add a softer, calmer atmosphere. Below, a bold botanical print with neon tub creates a striking presence in the bathroom. Paired with a simple white mosaic floor, the room feels playful yet beautiful and the floors do not overpower the design. A wonderful addition to the space!

Whatever your choice, find the latest ranges of mosaics and decorative tiles now available from Douglas Jones.

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