Ceragran: Behold The Laminam Ceramic Slab

Beauty and functionality merge in the Laminam Ceramic Slab. The elegance and technical performance of this striking Laminam Ceramic Slab meet the quality of the Made in Italy design. Now available from Ceragran.

This kitchen’s work top (featured below) is in Calce Tortora, as are the splash-back and the doors of both the base and wall units; the sliding top is Natural Walnut. The combination of wood and ceramic provides this kitchen with an allure that is sophisticated and welcoming at the same time.

The Laminam ceramic slabs are designed for the world of furnishings, as horizontal surfaces ranging from tables to kitchen and bathroom worktops. Thanks to their excellent technical performance, Laminam slabs are ideal for the most delicate of uses, requiring maximum hygiene and resistance. The aesthetic virtues and the large size offer a major artistic advantage, guaranteeing material continuity throughout the settings, in sophisticated, natural shades.

Laminam confirms its leadership in technological innovation and supplements its range of products, offering the global market ceramic slabs with continuity between body and surface.

In addition to the superior technical performance levels, which are far above those of materials more commonly used for horizontal surfaces, the new IN-SIDE product further accommodates the styling requirements of the world of furnishings, thanks to the uniform aesthetic styling between body and surface, even after the necessary processing to achieve the finished product (cutting, drilling, chamfering). IN-SIDE Technology is based on the mixture of natural raw materials with variable grain size which results in a textured blend, typical of natural stones.

The beauty is in the details. Take a look at the images to inspire your own magnificent creations using the Laminam Ceramic Slab.

Find the latest Laminam Ceramic Slabs now available locally through Ceragran.


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