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Flooring Nov 9, 2021

Castro Wood Flooring: Is Hardwood In The Bedroom A Good Idea?

Hardwood is timeless and beautiful. From traditional to modern interiors, there is always a place for classic hardwood flooring. It evokes a sense of quality, style and functionality that passes from one generation to the next.

Except for rooms where humidity, moisture and dampness are a concern, hardwood flooring is always a good idea. Bedrooms are therefore the ideal environment. Many people opt for carpet as an option in the bedroom. However, nothing really compares to the natural warmth and aesthetic charm of real wood. This makes it a valued asset in the home.

In fact, many new homeowners would prefer to lift up old carpets (prone to stains, germs and dirt). They may choose to reclaim wooden floorboards or install new, classic hardwood as a durable solution.

Hardwood is not only beautifully warm and inviting. It is also long-lasting when you take care of this prized feature in your bedroom.

Easy Maintenance

Whereas other flooring options may need consistent heavy maintenance to keep it looking good, hardwood is relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Unlike carpets that can trap dust and will need a thorough shampoo to remove dirt and build-up, hardwood only needs a simple sweep or vacuum. There are no hidden cavities or textures to trap dirt or grime. So, what you see, is what you get. And in this regard, hardwood is subsequently simple to clean.

In the long term, hardwood will need to be refinished at some point. This process can range from a simple reapplication of varnish to full stripping, sanding, and application of a new top-coat. But a hardwood floor kept clean may go decades before requiring this added touch up. As bedrooms are typically low footfall areas, you can expect a well-maintained floor for years to come.

On average, carpets need to be replaced every decade or so. Hardwood, however, has been known to last as long as the house itself. This adds to its timeless aesthetic.

What are the options?

There are quite a few variations of hardwood on the market today. These include:

Solid unfinished hardwood:

Traditionally, solid hardwood flooring boards were installed, then stained and finished in place. This type of hardwood can be sanded down and refinished several times over the life of the floor, but it has gradually lost its popularity to prefinished hardwood products.

Solid prefinished hardwood:

This form of solid hardwood is typically pre-stained and then top-coated by the manufacturer. This means an easier, faster installation without the added worry of prepping the floors yourself once placed. However, prefinished hardwood flooring is sometimes milled so that the planks have slightly bevelled edges, creating channels between boards that can in effect, collect dirt, dust, and pollen.

Engineered hardwood:

This type of hardwood is comprised of a relatively thin veneer of hardwood bonded to a base of plywood or MDF. This option is typically created with a “click-lock” system. This means planks can easily interlock at the edges. Engineered Parquet flooring from Castro Wood Floors are composed with top quality maritime plywood and top layers from the best wood species that provides an excellent solution both in terms of quality, stability and resistance. These products which are available finished or unfinished, with or without microlevel, can be installed in various ways such as glued, nailed or even floating. The variety of wood species and finishing’s turn these products into an ideal solution for all types of installations.

If you’re renovating your bedroom or thinking of redoing those floors, don’t shy away from hardwood flooring as a versatile and timeless solution.

Contact Castro Wood Floors to help bring your flooring visions to life.


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    November 11, 2021

    I would love to get new flooring but finances does not allow –


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