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Flooring Mar 25, 2023

Top Carpets & Floors: Discover the Versatility of MiracleRug

If you’re looking for an extremely versatile, hard-wearing product that won’t fade, then Belgotex’s Miracle Fibre rugs deliver every time! Not only is it super versatile and easy to clean, but it can also be used indoors and outdoors. It is the remarkable combination of all of these attributes into a single beautiful product that inspired the name MiracleRug.

Inside and Out

Most yarns are dyed towards the end of the manufacturing process. The pigment in the Miracle Fibre yarn, however, is baked in at the point of extrusion, making MiracleRugs perfectly suited to enduring our harsh local climate.

Fadeproof and Rainproof

The inclusion of UV stabilisers developed specifically for our harsh African sun makes these rugs fade-resistant. Additionally, the Miracle Fibre yarn also does not absorb water, which prevents it from clinging to dust, ensuring our rugs are easy to clean and maintain.


Miracle Fibre has excellent chemical resistance properties which protect our rugs from stains. Furthermore, MiracleRugs can even be cleaned with bleach and acetone without damaging the fibres.

Allergy Friendly

The dust resistance and easy-cleaning properties means MiracleRugs are hygienic, allergy-friendly products.

Shop the range and bring this super versatile and durable rug into your environment. Now available from Top Carpets and Floors.

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