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Flooring Oct 10, 2022

The Cape Art Company: Beautiful Homeware

Located in the friendly Mother City, The Cape Art Company is home to a wide selection of beautiful homeware, including artwork, curtains and rugs.

Their super-sized collection of rugs and mats (including yoga mats and bath mats) is available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs. 

Here, they share their top tips for layering rugs – a hot decor trend!


More is more

When it comes to rugs, more is definitely better!

“You don’t need to limit yourself to a single rug in the living room. Designers often use multiple rugs in a larger room to define different areas,” explains the company. “For instance, open-concept spaces like lofts benefit more from multiple rugs – you can create separate spaces or groupings to keep things cosy.”

A great option for layering is to start off with a large neutral budget-friendly base rug and then layer a statement accent rug on top of this.

Choose different textures

Layering rugs also allows you to introduce another textural element into a room. Great texture combos include sisal rugs and cowhide or sheepskin and jute. A colourful woven wool rug on top of a natural fibre rug also looks amazing. 

Play with pattern 

Layering rugs is also a fun way to (safely and subtly) introduce pattern and colour into a decor scheme. Keep the following in mind when layering patterned rugs:

  • Use colours that are of the same intensity. For instance, pay jewel tones with other bold hues or two pastel colours.
  • Opt for two different rugs in the same colour but with a different pattern, for instance, you can mix two geometric designs or a geometric and stripe design for visual interest.
  • Mix patterns of different scales for a balanced look.

“If you decide to shop for a printed patterned rug, there are endless choices available on our website, from contemporary designs to more classic ones. But if you’d rather keep it simple, there are plenty of opportunities to introduce a patterned rug at a smaller scale, too,” notes the company.



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