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Styling Tips & Tricks For Decorating With Floor Rugs

Rugs are a wonderful way to spruce up a room. They instantly bring colour, texture, warmth and luxury to a space. There is much to consider when placing a rug in your home, but we hope that the following tips will help you make the process so much easier. Here we share five key ideas to help you decorate with floor rugs.

1. Do not delay – choose your rug right away.

If you’re a novice decorator, moving into a new room, or completely overhauling an interior, then we advise that you decide on your rug as one of the first selected pieces for your new room. This way, it will be easier to decorate around your new rug as opposed to trying to add a rug into a room after the fact. You can choose the perfect size and texture upfront and make it a central point in your new space.

2. Pick up on accent colours

If you already have furniture picked out and only plan to spruce up an existing interior, then it would be best to pick up on accent colours in your space and choose a rug accordingly. A rug is a great way to tie into a room’s colour scheme. It can help to add to the palette or create contrast or calm with colours on the opposite side of the colour spectrum.

3. What size is best?

In our opinion, bigger rugs are often the better choice in any space, but especially in the living room or bedroom environments. Larger rugs have a wonderful way of adding depth to a space and even help to make a smaller room feel bigger. Larger rugs can also be used to anchor furniture and will not feel lost or out of place in a room.

4. Let your rug add to the ambience

Rugs are not only there for the textural warmth they bring to your floors. Rugs can most certainly add to the overall ambience of your home. For instance, a plush shaggy rug can make a bedroom feel cosy and romantic, while a dark, plush rug can add drama and decadence to a dining space or living room. Consider the ambience you wish to create and allow your rug to add to the overall feel.

5. Maintenance

Consider the placement of your rug and how much traffic it may receive. A rug placed in a bustling entertainment area may experience far more wear and tear than a rug placed in a spare bedroom, as example. Your choice of materials are therefore important and will affect the maintenance of your rug over time. Go for more durable finishes for busier areas of your home such as the kitchen or living room.

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