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Rugs & Such: 3 Rug Trends To Elevate Your 2020 Interior

It’s the last few weeks of the year. Not only is it the end of 2019 but we’re also looking forward to stepping into a whole new decade! Revamp your interior with these easy yet appealing trends to rev up your space for 2020 and beyond.

Rugs are a favourite addition to any room. A simple, cost-effective and stylish way to add colour and style to your home. Here are three rug trends to introduce to your home in the new year…

Graphic Rugs

Graphic rugs are more than just a dose of colour and texture in a room. Graphic prints bring with it a beautiful tactile experience with pattern, colour and design that blend to complement your look. Go for bold graphics to create contrast and sophistication in a living room, or allow a graphic rug to pair with a bold choice of patterns in a stylish bedroom. Whatever your choice, graphic rugs are a must-have item for the new year.

Woven rugs

Texture. texture. texture. Without texture, life would certainly be a little bland. A textured or woven rug is perfect to spruce up your space and elevate that texture level in any room. It will draw the eye down to your floors but also add to an organic and modern space with an aesthetic quality that only a bold woven rug can bring!

Circle Rugs

Not as traditional as a square or rectangular offering, circle rugs are here to make a statement. We love that these offer more than simple comfort underfoot. Circular rugs bring a whole added dimension of shape to a space. Add it to a bold kitchen or living room and allow it to take centre stage in your home. Circular rugs are a hot trend and if you haven’t incorporated one in your home yet, 2020 is the perfect time to do it!

Rugs and Such offer a wide selection of superior rug options for almost any space. Here you can shop according to colour, shape or size and ensure that you select the right rug to suit your space.

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