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Flooring Aug 4, 2020

Rugs And Such: How The Humble Rug Can Transform Any Room

It’s winter and we’re doing everything in our power to keep the cold out and create bold, warm and inviting interiors. Flooring is a huge consideration and if you’re aiming for a cosy, warm room, a rug is a great addition to transform any space. Here we share four easy ways a rug can certainly help to change the appearance and feel of your home.

Rugs are textural delights

A feast of texture underfoot, the humble rug is a magical way to add warmth and depth to any space. From the nursery or master suite, to the bathroom or living room, the addition of a rug can break up the harsh edges of solid, cold surfaces and introduce a fun, aesthetic quality that is simple a textural delight.

A fiasco of colour

Can’t really decide on a set colour palette for your room? A rug is a simple and effective way to tie the colour palette together in one brisk piece. Use it as a starting point for the overall design of a room, or choose a rug to complement the other accent colours in your space to bring harmony and designer appeal to any space.

Shapely contrasts

A rug is also a great option to add shape to any given room. Whether you’re anchoring large furniture on a big rectangular or square rug; or you’re looking for a more defined edge with an oval or circular rug, the right shape of rug can certainly elevate and transform a space.


Contemporary patterns

If you’re not really ready to commit to bold patterned walls or furniture, a patterned rug is a fantastic solution to bring pattern into your space in a more subtle way. Go modern with beautiful geometric designs, or choose an abstract pattern for a playful approach. Whatever your choice, a patterned rug is a sure way to combine colour and pattern in a quirky, personalised manner.

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