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Flooring Feb 11, 2023

Brabetz: Custom rug

Not sure a :  or carpet is the right choice for your home?

Here, the team from Brabetz, a custom-rug manufacturer, shares seven reasons why every home needs a unique rug.

  1. It’s a great way to warm up a space. A beautiful area rug is a wonderful way to create a soft, warm feeling underfoot. If you want to make your living area or bedroom cosier, a rug is the way to go.
  2. It also makes a room more comfortable. Not only does a rug provide a soft, warm area underfoot making that is comfier to walk on but it is also much more comfortable to play on – and important consideration if you have children in the house. In addition, rugs also absorb sounds, which improves the acoustics in a room.
  3. A rug is a great way to introduce colour, pattern and texture into a decor scheme. Available in every colour, shape and size imaginable, as well as a wide array of patterns, including bespoke designs, a rug is a great choice for adding interest and colour. With so many options available, you are sure to find a rug to compliment any scheme, from minimalist to boho.
  4. It can brighten up a space. A light-coloured rug is a great way to make a dark room appear lighter and brighter.
  5. It can tie a decor scheme together. If you’re struggling to pull your decor scheme together, a rug may be the answer. A statement rug can serve as the central decorative element in a room that ties all other pieces together.
  6. It’s safer. Unlike hardwood, laminate and tiles, rugs are slip-proof.
  7. A rug can enhance the overall look of a room. Apart from serving as a statement piece and tying a decor scheme together, a rug also elevates the overall look of a room, making it appear plusher and more distinctive.



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