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Flooring Nov 9, 2021

Blackboard Jungle: Rugs For Opulent Living

A simple furnishing choice – like a bold rug – can shape, transform and anchor even the most opulent of rooms. Blackboard Jungle bring us five ways to use rugs to elevate your space and make it shine in opulence.

1. An anchor for your design

A rug can be a good starting point when you are redesigning a room. The colours, textures and patterns can help you dictate the entire design scheme of your space. In fact, a good rug can help to anchor your furniture and draw the eye in to complete an opulent, luxury look.

2. A focal point

Like art for your floors, the right rug can become a statement piece in a room. It works like artwork underfoot and can captivate with bold colours and patterns to bring renewed life to an interior. Don’t let your rug be an afterthought. Instead, treat it like art and let it become the focal point it deserves to be.

3. Engaging the Senses

Great interior design engages all of the senses. A rug helps to achieve this by engaging the sense of touch and sight. A plush rug is a sensory feast and will add textural aesthetic to a space.

4. Soften and warm up a room

Your choice of a rug will bring warmth, cosiness and texture underfoot. It’s a soft landing in a comfy living room or bedroom. And it can certainly soften the harder edges of any design scheme.

5. Complete a colour scheme

Rugs add colour, texture and personality to a space. Choose a rug that complements the tones and patterns already existing in your design and watch how the overall look ties together. This is a great way to establish a harmonious design.



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