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Belschr Rugs: How To Help Your Client Choose Their Fantasy Rug

Rug selection is not always as easy as it may seem. Choosing the right rug for a room will depend on various factors including a client’s personal choice, the size and design of a room and the overall look and feel of the space. In collaboration with Belschr Rugs, we bring you some top tips to help clients choose their fantasy rugs.

Living Room vs Bedroom Rugs

Your space will really determine your rug choice. In the living room, you will most likely need a more durable rug that will stand the test of time, as this space often gets a lot of footfall. Your rug needs to stand up to wear and tear and still add to the style and overall look of the room.

In the living room, we love bold, bright rugs that add a punch. Here a rug can be used to add warmth and style. And you can certainly consider the personality of your client in choosing a living room rug that speaks to them. Geometric designs, colour blocking and vibrant prints are beautiful in the living room.

In the bedroom however, a rug should set the tone for a peaceful and relaxing retreat. You most probably want to keep the bedroom low key as a place of rest. Choose a rug to suit this aesthetic and one that will still add warmth underfoot. We prefer light, zen-like colours and textures in the bedroom.

Tips for choosing a rug:

Belschr Rugs is all about personalised service and quality. They initially set up a meeting to visit clients in their space and will assess the room before making any suggestions. This is a great first step to helping clients understand dimensions and what sort of rug will work in their chosen rooms.

Next, you should probably discuss colour, size and design options with your client. Also get a feel for a client’s tastes and personality. This should give you a clue as to the direction of the rug – will it be bold and bright, or soft and subdued!

Belschr Rugs then goes on to quote based on bespoke order or they source available options from a huge database of rug suppliers. They will email all options, descriptions and images to the client for selection of rugs to try onsite.

In theory, it is easy to simply choose a rug online without testing it in the space. But in this case, you may never be sure of how it will look and if it will actually fit in the space. Belschr brings all options to the client and offers a complete installation service. They will also leave the client’s selection for a day so they can experience it before making a final decision.

For personalised service and quality selection of the finest rugs for every room, contact Belschr Rugs.

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