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Dyson: How to Care For Your Vintage Rug

You’ve invested in a beautiful vintage rug, or perhaps you have inherited one as a family heirloom. Take special care to maintain your beautiful rug and keep it in tip top condition for years to come. Here we share some top tips for cleaning a vintage rug, with help from Dyson.

A vintage rug is a beautiful addition to any space. Take extra special care of it and help your vintage rug last for generations to come. If it seems dirty or in need of a good clean, you need to know what you are doing and ensure that you take the necessary precautions to look after your prized possession.

Start off with a good clean. Whip out your trusty Dyson vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum your vintage rug to remove all loose dirt and grime. Once done, turn your rug over and vacuum the other side. Remember, the underside can also be dusty and in need of a good clean.

A frequent vacuum should help to keep your rug cleaner for longer – try vacuuming both sides at least once a month. If your rug requires a proper wash down, be sure to find expert advice and call in the professionals to assist. Older textiles will certainly require expert care.

Remember to re-position your rug every few months too so that it wears evenly.

Act fast in case of spills

Be sure to blot and wipe down any spills and messes on your vintage rug with haste. Don’t wait for stains to settle as these may be impossible to remove. Dilute your stain immediately with water and blot with a paper towel until it is gone. Top tip: Do not scrub your vintage rug as you can damage the fibres!

Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner that will help you keep your home clean and in order. Dyson has a variety of vacuums to help you get the job done.

We personally found that our Dyson bought our Vintage carpet back to life. Here’s why:

  • The powerful suction removed dust and dirt for a deep clean.
  • The Vacuum has a HEPA filter to ensure that allergens captured are not released back into the air through the filter.
  • The v8 comes with 2 x motored heads. There is a soft roller head for hard floor cleaning and a deep-drive cleaner head for deep carpet cleaning.
  • Cord-less and easy to use on rugs in your home without the hassle of the cord.
  • Up to 40 min run-time.

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